Success Through People


Infomind India is one of the global recruitment specialists and have a proven record to consistency and efficiency. We have team of professional recruiters which tend to efficiently cater to all your recruitment needs. Each recruiter draws on their established personal and professional networks to select great people for contract and permanent jobs in various job sectors.

We offer a full HR recruitment company services for your organization. We take full responsibility for each step in recruitment process, ranging from sourcing to staffing process, arranging interviews to staff induction and more. Furthermore, we also offer an array of bespoke HR services based on the requirements of your company, which includes payroll services, disciplining staff and much more.

There are a number of sectors where we offer our proficient services. Infomind India offers specialized recruitment in the various sectors including:

  • Retail Recruitment
  • Accounting & Finance Recruitment
  • Human Resource Recruitment
  • Sales, Marketing & Communications Recruitment
  • Office Support Recruitment
  • IT Recruitment
  • Public Sector Recruitment
  • Engineering Recruitment
  • Supply Chain Recruitment & More

Whatever be the needs of your business, we have our dedicated and experienced recruitment team that will be able to meet all your needs.

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