Success Through People


The idea behind the HR Retainer Service is that we are engaged on a full-time basis by businesses to deal with employment law and HR issues as and when they arise.  This means we are on hand to help with everything, from advertising and recruitment right the way through to dismissals and post-termination disputes.  We can deal with:

  • Drafting new / improving existing employment contracts and company handbooks.
  • Drafting new / improving existing company’s procedure and policies.
  • Designing salary breakup and salary restructures
  • Recruitment; and
  • Facilitate training and development

We can help you with the day-to-day running of your business by both improving your employment contracts, policies and procedures and by helping you manage your workforce effectively.

We believe the HR Retainer Service is a unique approach to the provision of employment support. 

We do not seek to tie clients into long-term contracts – we are confident that clients will receive value for money and will want to remain on the Retainer.

The Cost of the HR Retainer Service will be as per mutual discussion on the Scope of Work Assigned to INFOMIND INDIA


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