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Employee satisfaction, in any company, is a vital need and it majorly depends on the Human Resource Services department.  With the growing competition and market growth, it has become very important to ensure that you have proper HR practices which will lead to happy and satisfied employees. Therefore, these days many companies are opting for HR Resource outsourcing or HR Services.

This is where we come into picture; with the experience and qualified resources; we make sure that all your HR Consulting needs are perfectly satisfied. We offer following services to our clients:

  • Workplace Planning: We offer support in structuring your company policies with the priorities defined in a manner that they anticipates the future needs and minimises risks for your organisation.
  • Workplace investigations: We provide unbiased and professional examination of workplace issues and other nitty-witty problems, and provide proper documentation and organised investigations.
  • Performance Issues: We also address to the legally-compliant matters like employee performance. We make sure that the matters are handled in such a way, impacting minimum to the employees, yet reducing the employer’s risk.
  • Compensation: We ensure that employees are classified, as such, that they suit the business model and adhere to the legal compliance. Furthermore, we establish a professional compensation plan which aligns with the company’s employee salaries, retention strategy, talent acquisition, job descriptions and more.
  • HR Transformations: We help in transforming your HR Department and make it suitable for encouraging employee engagement and driving business success.
  • Employee Leave Administration: We offer unbiased support while establishing company leave policies, addressing to the leave related issues and maintaining consistency with the FMLA and other regional leave laws.
  • Legal Compliance: We tend to minimize the risk by ensuring that your management policies are compliant with local, state and other federal regulations.


INFOMIND INDIA training offerings are strategically designed to enhance organisation effectiveness by developing its human capital to meet the changing business demands and tailor-made offerings. Trainers at INFOMIND INDIA will assess the training needs (organisational, task & individual), identify any gaps in current training initiatives and employee skill sets. They will handhold the organisation and individuals as per the training needs/ training calendar already planned by the organisation as per the gaps identified. The trainers will create a comprehensive action plan that includes learning theories, instructional design, content, materials and any other training elements for the client.

We provide various type of HR Training services and courses which help in maintaining the growth of employees and success of the organization. Various types of training services we offer are:

Soft Skills Training : These skills are highly recommended by various organizations and corporate. Soft skills are personal attributes that are related to person's ability to interact with others. Not only for the HR Professionals, soft skill training is also important for managers and above. This training focuses on making employees more team-oriented, capable for multitasking, ability to resist stress and more. The common type of Soft skills training are:

- Motivational Training: It has been proved that with high motivation, employees can be well utilized. Therefore, this training is important as it helps in improving the motivational levels in the employees. It helps employees in connecting and establishing great working relationships. Motivational training has become essential for the managers and leaders, as this can support the sustained organizational performance.

- Negotiation Skills Training: this type of training is a very important competency of a manager. It involves direct dialogue which can resolve conflicts that can arise from competing needs, interests and goals.

- Business Training Skills: These skills are very critical for the people who are at higher positions in an organization or the people who manage stake-holders.  This helps the employees maintain relationships with the stake holders using appropriate negotiation strategies.

Stress Management Training: This training is a vital component of the managerial training, which focuses on teaching stress management techniques. This will help the employees in handling everyday situations in a more constructive manner and bring control in life. Controlling your life means balancing various aspects of it, like work, relationships and leisure. This balance helps in ensuring the calm mind and peaceful heart, letting the employees focus on work, directly responsible for growth of the organization.

Leadership Training: This training has great importance in the today's world. Leaders are one of the vital resources, which ensures growth and success of the organization. With patience and persistence, anyone can become a great leader and can develop leadership skills. The important thing is to have proper training. We provide appropriate training to the leaders with our tailored leadership program, and develop the future leaders.

Team Building Training: This is one of the most sought after training by corporate. This training helps leaders in developing the skills that can bring all the employees focus on a common goal. This skill training is very critical competency which every manager should have.


Infomind India is one of the global recruitment specialists and have a proven record to consistency and efficiency. We have team of professional recruiters which tend to efficiently cater to all your recruitment needs. Each recruiter draws on their established personal and professional networks to select great people for contract and permanent jobs in various job sectors.

We offer a full HR recruitment company services for your organization. We take full responsibility for each step in recruitment process, ranging from sourcing to staffing process, arranging interviews to staff induction and more. Furthermore, we also offer an array of bespoke HR services based on the requirements of your company, which includes payroll services, disciplining staff and much more.

There are a number of sectors where we offer our proficient services. Infomind India offers specialized recruitment in the various sectors including:

  • Retail Recruitment
  • Accounting & Finance Recruitment
  • Human Resource Recruitment
  • Sales, Marketing & Communications Recruitment
  • Office Support Recruitment
  • IT Recruitment
  • Public Sector Recruitment
  • Engineering Recruitment
  • Supply Chain Recruitment & More

Whatever be the needs of your business, we have our dedicated and experienced recruitment team that will be able to meet all your needs.

Campus Placement

We, at INFOMIND INDIA, are glad to present ourselves as a professional placement services organisation, We offer unique campus recruitment solutions to institutes and colleges across India. We aim to identify and place the suitable workforce from a pool of different talents, and to promote institutes and colleges looking to place their fresh talent.

Millions of young people graduate from different institute every year. Around 75 per cent of these are not job ready. There is a skill gap that persists and hence recruitment becomes a vital step for the company’s human resource team. On top of that, different stages like pre-placement talks, setting the dates for the drive, staying in sync with the college’s placement department adds up to the recruitment of both effort and cost to the company.

We, at INFOMIND INDIA, act as a bridge between the “rights” i.e., the right job for the right person. We facilitate student communities in finding the most sought after career opportunities and simultaneously assist companies to hire the right people. We are dedicated to assist our clients towards the best pool of resources, making this tedious yet vital step an easy walk.

INFOMIND INDIA provides placement services to both the companies and colleges who want to organise campus placement drives for the hiring of their candidates. Organising campus interviews at various educational institutions on an All India basis depending on the requirement of our esteemed clients is also one of our specialisations. We are honoured to act as consultants to conduct campus drives in various top of the class educational institutions in the country.

We, at INFOMIND INDIA, have a dedicated team working closely with our partner companies. We also arrange campus drives in the colleges that can be valuable to the students, and in the longer run, to the companies. Furthermore, we have some of the top notch companies as our clientele.

Content Writing

With more than 7 billion internet user in the world, it is apparent that users need something new and attractive everyday. This clearly indicates the importance of original and quality content, thereby justifying the phrase – Content is the King.

When more than a million websites are being introduced on the internet everyday, a website gets only a few seconds to impress a visitor. It is immensely important to grab the attention of the visitor and make sure that he comes back. Failure to retain the interest of a person in your webpage might result in the loss of your potential client. This is why, you need to present your service or product in a way that it appeals instantly. An uninteresting and boring page will decrease the interest of the visitor and force him to log out.

This is the reason that companies like Google and Yahoo are pumping huge money in the search engines to offer good user search experience. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter, original content is being added in the digital space every day.

Now, the only option left for marketeers is to produce mind-blowing content. Taking it further, producing content is not the end, but you should also showcase it at the right channels. With this, you will be able to rank high on the search engines and attract more prospective clients. This is where, we comes into the picture. Infomind India understands the need for effectiveness of search engine ranking, and we are dedicated to bring targeted audience to your website and generate profit and business opportunities for you.

At Infomind India, we help your organization in creating a customer friendly image. We make sure that your business comes out as the winners among your prospective clients, all this through the power of the words. Our experienced team strive hard to give a creative edge to your content, which when displayed on different content channels, attracts attention of your clients. Our service is always at your disposal through which you can enjoy an extra edge on your competition.

Infomind India is dedicated to ensure online success of its clients, and to ensure this success, the services, which we offer to our clients, are:


  • Web Content Writing
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Brochure Writing
  • Product Overview & testimonials
  • Article and blog writing
  • E-book writing
  • Resume Writing


  • Bulk Rewriting
  • Proof reading of Bulk content

Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & google+
  • Grievances on various social media accounts


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