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Recruitment Services

Infomind India is one of the global recruitment specialists and have a proven record to consistency and efficiency. We have team of professional recruiters which tend to efficiently cater to all your recruitment needs. Each recruiter draws on their established personal and professional networks to select great people for contract and permanent jobs in various job sectors.

We offer a full HR recruitment company services for your organization. We take full responsibility for each step in recruitment process, ranging from sourcing to staffing process, arranging interviews to staff induction and more. Furthermore, we also offer an array of bespoke HR services based on the requirements of your company, which includes payroll services, disciplining staff and much more.

There are a number of sectors where we offer our proficient services. Infomind India offers specialized recruitment in the various sectors including:

  • Retail Recruitment
  • Accounting & Finance Recruitment
  • Human Resource Recruitment
  • Sales, Marketing & Communications Recruitment
  • Office Support Recruitment
  • IT Recruitment
  • Public Sector Recruitment
  • Engineering Recruitment
  • Supply Chain Recruitment & More

Whatever be the needs of your business, we have our dedicated and experienced recruitment team that will be able to meet all your needs.


The idea behind the HR Retainer Service is that we are engaged on a full-time basis by businesses to deal with employment law and HR issues as and when they arise.  This means we are on hand to help with everything, from advertising and recruitment right the way through to dismissals and post-termination disputes.  We can deal with:

  • Drafting new / improving existing employment contracts and company handbooks.
  • Drafting new / improving existing company’s procedure and policies.
  • Designing salary breakup and salary restructures
  • Recruitment; and Facilitate training and development

We can help you with the day-to-day running of your business by both improving your employment contracts, policies and procedures and by helping you manage your workforce effectively. We believe the HR Retainer Service is a unique approach to the provision of employment support.  We do not seek to tie clients into long-term contracts – we are confident that clients will receive value for money and will want to remain on the Retainer.

The Cost of the HR Retainer Service will be as per mutual discussion on the Scope of Work Assigned to INFOMIND INDIA.

HR Services


In order to successfully run and manage a modern workplace it is crucial that every business has in place the desired documents, contracts, process, policies and procedures, compensation and benefits, structures and handbook which ensure that the Company is both compliant with its legal obligations and in the best possible position to avoid disputes later down the line.

Our HR Advisors will discuss with the Business Heads or HR team to understand the business, culture, and needs of the Company so that they can advise the best processes.

On successful completion of the process(es), the Company is entitled to pay INFOMIND INDIA for the services which were discussed mutually.


A strong employer brand connects organisational values, HR strategy and policies and links to the organisation’s brand. Social media facilitates increased transparency around the employment experience, both positive and negative feedback from past and present employees is likely to be readily available on social media and this may have an impact on the organisation’s image and message.

Here comes the role of INFOMIND INDIA. We not only help in building the brand name through social media, also helps in building the team through different team building exercise,  appraising the company about various tournaments which can be organised for employee engagement.


INFOMIND INDIA training offerings are strategically designed to enhance organizational effectiveness by developing its Human Capital to meet the changing Business demands and tailor-made offerings.
INFOMIND INDIA will be responsible for:

  • Our trainers along with the Business Head or Business HR of our client will identify the training needs of the organization, task, and individuals. For this, he would like to understand the organizational effectiveness as a whole and identify any discrepancies.
  • Our trainers will assess the training needs (organizational, task & individual), identify any gaps in current training initiatives and employee skill sets. 
  • Our trainers will create a comprehensive action plan that includes learning theories, instructional design, content, materials, and any other training elements for the client. 
  • We would be conducting the training sessions at the premises of our clients.
  • We would be assessing the training we delivered by different tools. It aims at adding value to the training offered and enhancing the employee skills to benefit the organization.
    On successful completion of the training program, the Company is entitled to pay INFOMIND INDIA for the services which were discussed mutually.

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