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The Mission of INFOMIND INDIA is match the goal of individual and the organisations so that they get mutual success in achieving their goal as the tag line say Success Through People.

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One of our jobs has some kind of flexibility jobs has some kind of flexibility option such as telecommuting, a part-time schedule or a flexible or flextime.

I am Jobseeker

One of our jobs has some kind of flexibility jobs has some kind of flexibility option such as telecommuting, a part-time schedule or a flexible or flextime.

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We have an excellence in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals, catering to the services in various platforms including retail, IT, Insurance and much more.


InfoMind India is trusted by some of the most important names in the industry and you can trust us, too.


Whatever services we’re providing, we back them up with straightforward, thorough communication with our clients.

Our Expertise

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Infomind India is one of the global recruitment specialists and have a proven record to consistency and efficiency. We have team of professional recruiters which tend to efficiently cater to all your recruitment needs. Each recruiter draws on their established personal and professional networks to select great and qualified people for contract and permanent jobs in various job sectors.

HR Services

HR Services

In order to successfully run and manage a modern workplace it is crucial that every business has in place the desired documents, contracts, process, policies and procedures, compensation and benefits, structures and handbook which ensure that the Company is both compliant with its legal obligations and in the best possible position to avoid disputes later down the line.

Training & Development

Training & Development

INFOMIND INDIA provides the Skills Enhancement Program to various universities, colleges and schools to prepare students who can be easily absorbed by Companies and are productive within few days. The program features broad-range of contemporary courses which are industry-informed and practice-based. We deliver the real-world skills and knowledge.

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Meet Our Team

Mukesh Bhatt

Mukesh Bhatt

Mukesh is a firm believer that recruitment is an art. He is a person who has spent half of his life in recruiting the right people for the right place. Read More


Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh is the person who knows every skill set in the telecom domain. He has more than 20 years of recruitment experience in the area of telecom, services, manufacturing, and the IT industry. Read More



Rattika As Senior HR Business Partner, currently provides full life-cycle recruiting, developing sourcing strategies. Read More


Vivek Chaturvedi

Vivek is a trainer, educationist, sales & marketing veteran with more than 17 years of rich experience, spread across various sectors and geographies. Read More


Neha Pathania

Neha is a Human Resource Professional has more than twelve years of experience mostly in Recruitment, Client Handling, and Employee Engagement. Read More

We offer a full range of Recruitment Services

In today’s world of unprecedented competition and ever changing technology, the need to hire the best and apt resource is an utmost need. With a proud team of professionally qualified individuals, we ensure our help to hire the most fruitful resource.